We market the Kangen Water Machines all over the US


You Can purchase a Kangen Water Machine from our ONLINE STORE. Just select the machine you would like to purchase.

Your Kangen Water Machine will be shipped directly to your door.

You can install it yourself or hire a local handyman or plumber to help install it.

SORRY, WE DO NOT have a physical location or Kangen Water Store.

We DO NOT offer Water Sharing and Water Sampling.

SORRY, WE DO NOT sell FILTERS, PARTS, or Accessories.

To Purchase Filters, Parts, or Accessories for your Kangen Water Machine:

You can go to the Enagic Website and purchase online.

For Kangen Water Machine Cleaning or Repair:

For Machine Cleaning & Repair contact the nearest Enagic Global Office they can help you locate the nearest location. 

Cities we Serve with Kangen Water