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You can install it yourself or hire a local handyman or plumber to help install it.


SORRY, WE DO NOT have a physical location or Kangen Water Store in St Paul MN.

We DO NOT offer Water Sharing and Water Sampling in St Paul MN

We DO NOT Install Kangen Water Machines


SORRY, WE DO NOT sell FILTERS, PARTS, or Accessories.

To Purchase Filters, Parts, or Accessories for your Kangen Water Machine please go to the Enagic Website and purchase online.


SORRY, WE DO NOT clean Kangen Water Machines.

For Kangen Water Machine Cleaning or Repair contact the nearest Enagic Global Office they can help you locate the nearest location. 

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Kangen Water St Paul MN

About Kangen Water St Paul MN

“Kangen” is the name of electrolyzed reduced water (ERW), also called hydrogen water because of the extra hydrogen molecules in contains. Kangen is a Japanese word best translated into English as “return to origin”.  Kangen water is produced by water ionizing machines manufactured by the company called Enagic®

Kangen Water® is Alkaline (high PH), Antioxidant-Rich, High in Minerals and Purged of Impurities. It is not just filtered or distilled, but a hydrogen-rich “Healthy Water” for Revitalized Cells and a Healthy Alternative to regular Tap Water or Bottled Water.

The Enagic® machine filters out chlorine and other impurities from the tap water, then separates the hydrogen and oxygen with a process known as electrolysis.

This process adds an electron to the hydrogen creating a new molecule called diatomic molecular hydrogen gas.

Please NOTE: We don’t have a physical Kangen Water St Paul MN location.
Our Kangen Water Machines are ordered online and shipped to your door.

We market the Kangen Water Machines all over the US, UK and the EU.

Kangen Water St Paul MN Enagic

Everyone should be drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day!

Drinking enough water everyday has essential benefits for your overall health, but most people still aren’t drinking enough.

 If you’re thirsty it’s too late, you’re already dehydrated!

Living in a state of dehydration has an impact on your health and some very unpleasant side effects.


Every CELL in your Body needs WATER

Your body is composed of up to 75% water. Staying well-hydrated is critical to our optimum health and survival. Water is necessary to support digestion, circulation, the creation of saliva, the transportation of nutrients, and the maintenance of body temperature – among other bodily functions.

Kangen Water is Life

Muscles need WATER

Kidneys need WATER

Digestion needs WATER

The Brain needs WATER

Joints needs WATER

Blood needs WATER

Lack of WATER = DISFUNCTION in the Body

Dis-function in the Body = DIS-EASE

Drinking lots of the wrong water can be harmful, NOT HELPFUL, TO YOUR HEALTH.



Water to Avoid

Water to Avoid:

  • ALL Bottled Waters
  • City Tap Water
  • Chlorinated Water
  • Alkaline Water in PLASTIC BOTTLES
  • Reverse Osmosis Water

Municipal (city) drinking water that nearly 200 million Americans drink, from all 50 states, is contaminated with chemicals and pollutants.

Watch this Video on City Tap Water


Getting plenty of water is GOOD, but…

Make sure you are drinking water that is clean and pure, free of contaminants, and does not have high levels of lead, arsenic or other toxic substances.

Filtered Water or Purified Water can be better than tap water. Filters use Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filter that will absorb and trap most natural organic compounds, tastes, odors and synthetic organic chemicals.

BUT Filters also remove beneficial minerals that your body needs.

Kangen Water is the BEST WATER for the Best Results

Which is the best water to drink?

The healthiest type of water is hydrogen water because of the potential health benefits it contains.

Kangen Water is HYDROGEN WATER (Filtered, Alkaline, Ionized) and is the healthiest of all water to drink, because it alkalizes your body and also contains large quantities of therapeutic antioxidants.

Watch the Kangen Water DEMO

These ionizing water machines turn your drinking water, into alkaline antioxidant-rich Kangen Water

Discover the life-changing power of Kangen Water!

Watch the Kangen Water Video
Hydrogen Water

“Electrolyzed Reduced Water” (aka Kangen Water® or hydrogen water) has been used in hospitals in Japan for decades.

And, now you can make the same alkaline, antioxidant-rich, high mineral, pure, safe, and healthy drinking water right in your own home.

Kangen Water Machines produce HYDROGEN WATER

This innovation is the next big frontier in health.

Kangen Water is more than just alkaline (high ph) water. It’s water that’s been specially enhanced with extra hydrogen molecules.

Hydrogen molecules are powerful, to boost your energy, fire up your metabolism, and protect your longevity. They scavenge free radicals, dangerous molecules in your body which cause rapid aging, illness, and cellular damage.

Hydrogen molecules can directly enter your mitochondria — the “power plants” of your body and once molecular hydrogen hits your cells, it actually boosts the power of your cell’s function to give your energy and metabolism a boost. In fact, hydrogen water is so powerful, elite athletes use it to alleviate muscle soreness after intense workouts an relieve joint stiffness.

Kangen Hydrogen water can ALSO help boost your mood and reduce your stress levels.

“The thing that excites me the MOST, is that hydrogen water is the perfect tool to help you maintain good cardiovascular health. In my four decades in the medical profession, I’ve never seen anything work as quickly and powerfully as molecular hydrogen” – Steven Gundry, MD Cardiovascular Surgeon

This almost seems impossible. But the science PROVES it’s true. There are more than 1100 scientific papers on the benefits of molecular hydrogen. And they show incredible promise for helping human health. One study showed people who drank hydrogen water for 10 weeks had lower levels of “bad cholesterol”… AND higher levels of antioxidants in their system.

Skeptical? Need to be Convinced? The Science Explained…


Kangen Water St Paul MN Ionizer Machines

Kangen Water Machine Leveluk K8

Leveluk K8

Kangen® 8 The Mighty 8-Plate Anti-Oxidizer The Kangen® 8 is now Enagic®’s most powerful antioxidant machine – featuring 8 platinum-dipped titanium plates! This additional electrode plate increases the electrolysis surface area, improves water ionization, and heightens the antioxidant production potential.

Kangen Water Machine Leveluk SD501

Leveluk SD501

LeveLuk SD 501 Enagic’s Flagship Model The industry-leading continuous ionized electrolysis water generator system, the SD501 is the finest machine in its class. 7-Platinum-plated Titanium plates comprise the electrolysis chamber.

Kangen Water Machine Leveluk SD501 Platinum

Leveluk SD501 Platinum

SD501 PLATINUM is the same machine as the standard SD 501 but is capable of speaking all notifications in FIVE languages! English, German, French, Italian, Spanish.

Kangen Water Machine Leveluk SUPER 501

Leveluk SUPER 501

The Leveluk Super 501 is Enagic’s model for heavy home use. This highly productive machine has 7 and 5 electrode plates, a twin hose system, industry leading cleaning system, a built-in tank for the electrolysis enhancer, and a water pressure regulating function making this machine a must for the large family!

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Enagic’s Kangen Water Machines are the GOLD STANDARD in water ionizers

Enagic has been producing the Kangen Water Machines since 1974. Enagic is a pioneer and innovator in alkaline water ionization technologies. By integrating scientific research with superior Japanese craftsmanship Enagic’s Kangen Water® systems enhance nature’s most vital life source, water, around the world.

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